Team Discbam - MixWars Episode 6

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Crew / DJ / Label: Team Discbeam Year: 2003
CD: 1 Playtime: 53:49
Part 1: (Terryone)
DJ Lhasa - Together Forever
Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart
DJ Sammy - Heaven
DJ Ross - Emotion
Illusion - Wind Of Change
Special D. - Come with Me
Master Blaster - How Old Are You
Kate Ryan - Libertine
Miss Shiva feat. K - Just More
Special D. - Home Alone
Groove Coverage - Poison

Part 2: (DJ Weel)
DJ Lhasa - Together Forever (Mabra Extended Mix)
Starsplash - Fly Away (Radio Version)
Sylver - Never Ever (Party Mix)
Lance Inc. - Cold As Ice (Extended Version)
Hard In Tango - This Is My DJ (Extended Version)
Swat feat. Real - Eins, Zwei, Polizei (Sample)
Brothers - The Moon (Promo Extended Mix)
Eddy Water - Jam (Extended Mix)
Foggy - In Your Eyes (ITM Version)
Tube Tech - This Is The End (Boca Radio Edit)

Part 3: (DJ Emiliooo)
Off-Cast - Get Ready For This
DJ Isaac - Nobody Listen To Techno
Armani & Ghost - Airport
Chiffon feat. Natasja - Heaven
Fragma - Man In The Moon
Darude - Music

Part 4: (DJ Bass-T)
DJ Scot Project - Club Bizzare
DJ Tiesto - Traffic
Paradox - Bass (Direkt Klopfen Mix)
Schwarze Puppen - Tanz
Bitch Project - M Dry
Twisters Silence - Listen To Me Mama
Klinisch Tod - Der Tropf (In-Fusion Mix)
Stomper - Bazooca
DJ Mellow - Can You Hear Me (DJ Bass-T Remix)
Arome - Hands Up (DJ Scot Project Remix)
A.S.Y.S. - from Past To Phuture
DJ The Viper - X-Terminate