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Renaissance - The Masters Series Part 15 - Life (James Zabiela)

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Crew / DJ / Label: Renaissance Year: 2010
CD: 2 Playtime:  
CD 1: A Life Less Ordinary
James Zabiela - Intro - Leaving The House On A Snow Day, Snowflakes Falling Slowly
Lusine - Operation Costs
Pedram - Lost In Trans
Nosaj Thing - Us
Nosaj Thing - Fog
James Zabiela - Pedestrians
James Zabiela - Burnt Bridges
James Zabiela - Street Sounds - Life Is Best Seen As A Gift
R3volve - Bootpacker Alpha
Mondkopf - Libera Me
James Zabiela - Change Machine - Everything Slows Down
ASC - Porcelain
Reason Or Romanza - Radiance Trigger (Recue Remix)
Ruxpin - A Sunrise (And They Turned To Stones)
James Zabiela - False Dream
Herman - Change Of Mind (James Zabiela Re-Arrange)
James Zabiela - Romanian Pilot
Moderat - Out Of Sight
Peter Benisch - Skymning
James Zabiela - Market Chatter
Boys Noize - Heart Attack
James Zabiela - Clapping And Drummin In Defensa
Ellen Allien & Apparat - Do Not Break
James Zabiela - Street Sounds
Ruxpin - I Saw Her Standing There
James Zabiela - Our Deepest Desire
James Zabiela - Outro - Busker

CD 2: Afterlife
James Zabiela - Intro - Busker
Sally Shapiro - Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon
James Zabiela - Whatever Can Be Imagined Can Be Realised
Vince Watson - Long Way From Home
James Zabiela - Harmony, Simple And Beautiful
Siopis - Really Love Ya (James Zabiela Re-Arrange)
D-Pulse - New Poetry (Unreleased Version)
James Zabiela - Transformation
Phil Kieran - Never Ending Mountain (James Zabiela Re-Arrange)
Gui Boratto - I Feel Love (Robert Babicz Earth Remix)
James Zabiela - Illicit Offering
James Zabiela - Blame (Masters Version)
James Zabiela - Ancient Masters
Dusty Kid - Amazon
Jori Hulkkonen - I Am Dead (Guy J Remix) (James Zabiela Three Deck Re-Arrange Mash-Up)
James Zabiela - Today We Hold The Light That Travels Into Time And Space
Hardfloor - The Life We Chose (ERP Remix)
Spooky - No Return (Josh Wink Acid Vocal Remix) (Additional Vocal Edit)
James Zabiela - Love, A Reason - We Are The Drum Neighbourhood
Kaito - We Are Living Here
James Zabiela - All This Has Happened Before
Glimpse & Jay Shepheard - Colours (Jay Shepheard Dub)
James Zabiela - What We Can't Imagine
Siriusmo - Nights Off
James Zabiela - In Its Wrong Place
James Zabiela - Outro - Dude Hassle In Miraflores, Peru