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Pacha Recordings - Pacha Ibiza VIP Vol. 03

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Crew / DJ / Label: Pacha Recordings Year: 2009
CD: 3 Playtime:  
CD 1:VIP Red: KC Taylor & Sandy Vee
Nino Anthony - Feelin' (This Feeling) (Original)
TeoMoss & Fredelux Ft. Philly - Bass Drum
Wamdue Project Ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - King Of My Castle (Jorge Jaramillo Revised)
Steven Lee, Gaby Dershin & Asia - Heat Aka Heat Of The Moment (Original)
Tim Royko Ft. Mona Skye - Shine (Dub Mix)
Dave Darell - Children (Plastik Funk Remix)
Peter Brown - Old School (Reza Remix)
DJ CEM Ft. Tamja Danker - You (KC Taylor Remix)
Sandy Vee & Sue Cho - Dirty Beats (Original)
Peter Brown - Forgive Me (Vocal Mix)
Playa Chic - I'm Coming Home (Original Mix)
Didier Vanelli & KC Taylor - The Bass
Mark Brown Ft. Sarah Cracknell - The Journey Continues (Sandy Vee Remix)
DJ Eako & Morelli Ft. Omega Brown - I Can't Stop (Steel Mix)

CD 2:VIP Blue: Beatchuggers
Nacho Marco - Crash Test (Original Mix)
DJ Cem - So Beautiful (Beatchuggers Soultech Mix)
Goldfish - This Is How It Goes (Nacho Marco Remix)
Goldfish - This Is How It Goes (Carlos Lamar Remix)
daZZLa - Project One
DJ Mass & Paul Cari Feat. Q - Swinger Delight (Nacho Marco Remix)
Austin & Sahara - Free To Groove (Tuccillo Remix)
Shark & Sylvain - Lift Me Up (Nacho Marco Remix)
Goldfish - Sold My Soul (Nacho Marco Remix)
Nacho Marco - Eternal Sunshine
Simon Faz Ft. Dany L - Music (Original Mix)
Carl Kennedy Ft. Roachford - Ride The Storm (Beatchuggers Remix)
Rob Nigro - Hold On
Beatchuggers - Real Love (Original Mix)
Dynamic Dark - Holdin' On (Alex The Noise Mix)
Nino Anthony - La Guitara Bella (Disko Loko Mix)
DR - 2 Foxes (Beatchuggers Remix)

CD 3:VIP Black: Jorge Jaramillo
DanMcKie Ft. Emma J - Is It Me
Miami Attack - My Processor Cry (Juan Diaz Remix)
Guernica - Darkness (Kid Chris Remix)
Teo Moss & Fredelux Ft. Phylly - Bass Drum (Master Dom Remix)
Umek Ft. Andja - Carbon Occasions (Extended Vocal)
Louie DeVito - Lets Trip It
Peter Brown - Old School (Club Mix)
Jorge Jaramillo & Sue Cho - Everything I (Nino Anthony Remix)
Afterwork - 80 Good Reasons To Dance
Faarsheed - 3 Years Later (Serge Devant Remix)
D.O.N.S. & DBN Ft. Kadoc & Terri B - The Nighttrain (Jorge Jaramillo Remix)
Richard Fraioli - Acid Drip
DJ Ortzy - Urano (Planetary Mix)
Andrey Sher - Other World (Original Mix)
DJ Remo Ft. Chelonis - Empire (Jorge Jaramillo Remix)