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More Music - Hardcore Thunder Megamix Vol. 01

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Crew / DJ / Label: More Music Year: 2017
CD: 2 Playtime:  
CD 1:
Korsakoff - Tempest (Radio Edit)
Evil Activities & Digital Punk - Jealousy (Edit)
Dyprax & Cypsis - Stuck Up! (Radio Edit)
Neox - Headshot
Javi Boss - Mighty
Reevoid - #fuckemall (Edit)
Advanced Dealer - Back To Rave (Edit)
Anime Feat. Nolz - Superior Hardcore (Official Exodus 2017 Anthem) (Radio Edit)
The Weaver - Origins
Tommyknocker - Fucked Up Music
Dither - Haka
Jane Dark - Outcast
Resolute - I'm Coming For You
Re-Style Feat. Tha Watcher - The Awakening (Official Masters Of Hardcore Austria 2017 Anthem) (Radio Edit)
Restrained Feat. Mental Disorder - Inspirational Message (Edit)
Radio Killah - Gateway To The Peace (Edit)
Catscan & Predator - Worlds End (Radio Edit)
Jane Dark - War Creator
Javi Boss Feat. MC Jeff - Disorder (Radio Edit)
Furyan & Angerfist - Hoax (Edit)
Miss K8 - St8ment
Deadly Guns - Stick To My Guns (Radio Edit)
Ruffneck & Promo - Perseverance (Never Surrender) (Original Mix)
Decipher & Nocturnal Ritual Feat. MC Frustrator - Disobedience
The Melodyst - I'm Ok (Edit)
The DJ Producer - Downside Up
Resolute - Never Give Up (Promo Remix)
F.Noize - Lord Of The Underground (Eternityz Remix)
Blaster - Bass Weapon
Dyprax - Zultkoppen Koorts (Radio Edit)
Catscan - Bust Ya Brain
Decipher - Fear
Deadly Guns Feat. Tha Watcher - The Chosen Ones (Radio Edit)
D-Passion - Shock The Hardcore (Hardshock Festival 2017 Anthem)
Andy The Core - Kill Somebody (Edit)
Tha Playah & Destructive Tendencies Feat. MC Jeff - Play My Game (Edit)
Lowroller - Smash
Andersson - Ad64d
The Melodyst - Heatboy Run (Edit)
N-Vitral Presents BOMBSQUAD - Blow 'M Up
Andersson - AK 47 (Original Mix)
D-Fence & Angernoizer - Breek De Tent Af
The Sickest Squad Feat. Vale Blake - Don't Speak (Edit)
Daniel Caan - Murder (Original Mix)
Chile N Spice - Hot Day (Original Mix)
Blaster Feat. F.Noize - 38 Snub
Nosferatu - And Died Again (Edit)
E-Force & Frequencerz - Men Of Steel (Tha Playah Remix) (Edit)
Detest - Brutal Hardcore Motherfucker (The Sickest Squad Remix)

CD 2:
Dyprax & Norphine - Don't Fear Death (Radio Edit)
The Melodyst - Wrong MF (Edit)
Luxxer - Soul Vessel
Javi Boss - My Death (Radio Edit)
Destructive Tendencies - The Skull Dynasty (Official Masters Of Hardcore 2017 Anthem)
The Weaver & Ruffneck - Blood & Gore!
Skinrush - Aftermath Of Dreams
DJ Mad Dog & Dave Revan - Maze Of Martyr (Official Dominator 2017 Anthem) (Radio Edit)
The Empire Feat. Koozah - Sheeps & Wolves
Crossfiyah - Mass Destruction (Radio Edit)
Dither - The Big Bang
Nosferatu - Lived Again (Edit)
Deadly Guns & Predator - The Surge (Radio Edit)
Furyan - Trial By Fury (Edit)
Nosferatu Feat. Tha Watcher - Defiance (Official Free Festival 2017 Anthem)
E-Force & Deadly Guns - Shocked
Meccano Twins & Dirty Bastards Feat. MC Justice - Back In The Game (Level 02) (Edit)
Neox - Some Demons (Broken Minds Remix)
Freakon - Psycho (Edit)
Nosferatu Feat. Nolz - Hostile Takeover (Official Unity Anthem 2016)
Furyan & Bodyshock Feat. Alee - Murder (The Beatkrusher Remix) (Edit)
Djipe - The Daily Grind
Lost Origin - Rock The Beat
Sei2ure - You're Finished
Predator & Lowroller - Deathmatch
Kristhoff & Decker - Flight 767 (Original Mix)
Sub Sonik & D-Fence - Wazzup (Edit)
Tha Playah & E-Force - Distorted Noises
Korsakoff - Wonders
The Melodyst - Sky High (Edit)
Deadly Guns - Step Back
Sawtooth - Reality
Synthax - Heat (Edit)
the punisher - Trail Of Blood (Edit)
N-Vitral Presents BOMBSQUAD - Don't Fuck With The Squad
Mr.Cuda & Sawtooth - You Can Have It
Sei2ure - There's A Simple Solution
Bit Reactors - Open Your Eyes (Edit)
Lunatic - Those Who Kill
Lunatic - Dark Rage (Original Mix)
Rob Da Rhythm & Rhino - Ibiza Goes Hard '17 Anthem (Uptempo Version)
Detest - Can You Feel It (Edit)
Black Flowers - Propane (Edit)
Angernoizer & D-Fence - Afbreken (Edit)
Hardbouncer Feat. s'Aphira - Judas
Doctor Terror - Verdammte Scheisse
Black Flowers - Taste Of Death (Edit)
Xcula - 709 (Original Mix)
DJ Man V. Vs. DJ Deep - Ass Claps (Original Mix)