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Langnase - Langnase 2

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Crew / DJ / Label: Langnase Year: 1995
CD: 1 Playtime: 69:04
Nightcrawlers - Surrender Your Love
Blackbox - Not Anyone (Kamasutra Remix)
Groove Garden - Positiv Energie
Wildchild - Renegade Master
F-Action - Let's Get Closer Baby
Deep Forest - Martha's Song (Remix)
Duke - So In Love with You (Remix)
DJ Dero - La Capana
Celvin Rotane - I Believe
Minty - Unless Man
Pizzaman - Sex On The Streets
F.U.N.O. - Be In My Bonnet (Jungle Mix)
Perplexer - Church Of House (Remix)
Dreamworld - Movin' Up
Cabana - Bailando Con Lobos (Godmen Remix)
I.N.X.S. - Original Sin
Itty-Bitty-Boozy Woozy - Tempo Fiesta
Eating Habbits - That's Quite Meaty
Sin with Sebastian - Shut Up (And Sleep with Me)
New Atlantic - Sunshine After The Rain
Tinman - Gudvibe
Lick feat. Kentucky - I'm The Girl Of Your Dreams
Atlantic Ocean - Lorelei
Masterboy - Generation Of Love
Diva - The Sun Always Shines On TV
J.X. - You Belong To Me
Activate - I Say What I Want
Haddaway - Fly Away
DJ Hooligan - Wake Up Your Dream
R.M.B. - Love Is An Ocean
Mr. President - 4 On The Floor
Scatman John - Scatman's World
Baby D. - I Need Your Lovin'
Woop - Keep On Movin'
Key Motion - Automatic Love
Toxilogic - Feel The Wind
Tempest - Keep The Secret
Taucher - Infinity (Liquid Remix)
Dance 2 Trance - I Have A Dream
Damage Control - Thrust
Gina Mohammed - Love Is All I See
Hardsequencer - The Sound Of Transformation
L.E.T. Generation - Send Me An Angel (Remix)
Scooter - Endless Summer
Wonderland - In Our Dreams
U96 - Movin' (Remix)
Dune - Are You Ready To Fly
D-Sign - Rave Pour Adeline (Feel The Music)
Intermission - Planet Love
DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More
Paradise Place - Stargazer (Follow Your Heart)
Space Pilots - Trip On Orion
Scooter - Friends
Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy
East Beat Syndicate - 1000 Nights & One
J'N'M'Trax - Yeah