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Jason S - Hardcore Yearmix 2015

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Crew / DJ / Label: Jason S Year: 2016
CD: 1 Playtime: 61:27
Jason S - Intro: Where Are We, When Are We?
Alien T - The Hammer Of The Devil
The Wishmaster - Never Say Never
Advanced Dealer - NSTFR
Alien T - Existence Verified #TiH
Tha Playah, Neophyte & The Viper - Rebel Dizz #TiH
Art Of Fighters - Words Of War
Furyan - Bombshell
Pandorum - Conspiracy
Kasparov - Infected By Madness #TiH (Amnesys Rmx)
Wasted Mind - Paradise
Re-Style & Bass-D - Keep Freakin
Triax - Out Of Line
Amnesys Feat. MC Axys - Shockwave
N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum
Unexist & OGM909 - Guns Blazing
Bloodcage - Bloodline
Angerfist - Circus Circus
Nosferatu - Assassinator Style
The Melodyst - Black Mirror
Dyprax - The Future (Tha Playah Rmx)
Tha Playah & DJ Promo Feat. Snowflake - Down Below
The Melodyst - Raveolusion
Tommyknocker - Wild
DJ Promo & Ophidian - Unacceptable
Ophidian Feat. EJ Grob & William F. DeVault - Nightfall Angel (VIP)
OMI Feat. Broken Minds - Wake Up
Dyprax - Break Your Back
The Viper & Neophyte - First Aid
Nosferatu & Art Of Fighters - Devil's Mind #TiH
The Viper & Nosferatu - Kingdom Come
Quitara - Destiny
DJ Mad Dog & AniMe - Ama Shishi
Nosferatu - The Wild Side
DJ Mad Dog Feat. MC Jeff - A Real Voice #TiH
Tommyknocker - Never Surrender
DJ Mad Dog Feat. Rob Gee - Namaste Motherfuckers
The Melodyst - New Dawn
DJ Mad Dog - Not My Tempo
Dyprax - Miscreant
Tommyknocker Feat. MC Jeff - Sinner
The Wishmaster - Party Your Ass Off
DJ Mad Dog - Good Old Times
AniMe & Rob Gee - You Get Me High
Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Riders Of Retaliation (Official Dominator 2015 Anthem)
The Melodyst - Fallen Angels
DJ Mad Dog Feat. MC Nolz & MC Syco - The Apocalypse (Official Unity Anthem 2015)
Tommyknocker - Nobody Stopping This
Bodyshock Feat. MC Jeff - Legacy (Masters Of Hardcore 2015 Anthem)
Triax & Predator - The Enemy List
Counterfeit & Negative A - Self Acclaimed Criminals (Angerfist Rmx)
D-Passion - Evolution
N-Vitral - Hard Energy
Unexist Feat. The Void - Blaze It Up
The DJ Producer - The Last Great Overdose (Ophidian Revision)
The Outside Agency - Prepare To Die
The DJ Producer - Last Man Standing (The Outside Agency Revision)
The Outside Agency & N-Vitral - Sam's Gospel
D-Passion & Ophidian - Distortination
Evil Activities - Go Fuck Yourself
Nosferatu - Sanctity Of Space
Dyprax Feat. MC Nolz - Posse Of The Hard (Official Syndicate Anthem 2015)
Angerfist & Neophyte Feat. MC Alee & Diesel - Fight With Anger
Synthax - Party & Bullshit
Dione Vs Rotterdam Terror Corps - We Make You Feel
Furyan - Slapeloosheid
D-Fence - Krakaka
Unexist & Satronica - Fuck The System (Amnesys Rmx)
Dyprax - Running Scared
Miss K8 - The Poison
Furyan & Tieum - Clutch
Korsakoff & Day-Mar Feat. Erik Lindeman - Hurt
Deathmachine - Lost Light
Igneon System - Crisis Situation (N-Vitral Rmx)
N-Vitral & Sei2ure - Noise Pumper
Djipe - Beatdown
Partyraiser Vs Destructive Tendencies - Sound Becomes One
Destructive Tendencies Vs F. Noize - Ameno
Furyan - Rugged
Icha - Killing Time
The Melodyst & Art Of Fighters - Hardcore Domination
Icha Feat. MC Alee - Beast #TiH
The Melodyst - C.O.R.E.
Amnesys - Embrace The Ultimate (Official Harmony Of Hardcore 2015 Anthem)
D-Passion - Reanimate
Art Of Fighters & Meccano Twins - Hear Me Coming
Meccano Twins - Divine Energy #TiH
Destructive Tendencies Vs Andy The Core - Drugs & Alcohol Abuse
The Sickest Squad Vs Tieum Feat. Kraken - Swingbeat #TiH (VIP Sickcore Rmx)
Tieum - One More
Tieum Feat. The Punisher & Sutter Kain - Disorder (Official Ground Zero 2015 Anthem)
The Anunnaki & Sei2ure - SD & RR
StereoType - Fuck It Up
Meccano Twins - The Man Sacrifice
Nosferatu - Not Giving A Shit
Triax - Mad As Fuck
Dyprax & Crossfiyah - Made Me A Weapon
D-Force & Basetronic - Fuck Me
Angerfist & Dr. Peacock - Caveman
Sei2ure - Deathwish
System Overload Feat. MC Rampage - Geen Genade
D-Passion - Richtingloze Teringherrie
Andy The Core Feat. MC A.D.K. - The Last One (Don't Fuck With Andy The Core)
Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs SRB - Attack The Flow
SRB - Rocket Jesus