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Classic Disco Mix - CDM The 2nd Anniversary

Bewertung:  / 5
Crew / DJ / Label: Classic Disco Mix Year: 2012
CD: 1 Playtime: 117:12
Opening By CDM Team
Ice MC - Scream (Extended Zombie Mix)
Tight 'N Up - Uptown Top Rangking
Dr. Felix - What A Wonderful
World Sybil - Walk On By (Club Mix)
ABBA - Dancing Queen (DJ Click Mix)
Sam Jam - Oh La La La
Secci feat. The Nasty Chat - Play That Song
Black Machine - How Gee (Drums Reggaeton Remix By DJ Christ)
Kim Wan Sun - Day By Day (Club Mix)
Black Machine - Funky Funky People (12" Mix)
Debbie D. - Sound Your Funky Horn
Debbie D. - Shame Shame Shame George
McCrae - Rock Me All The Way
CSM - I Just Can’t Get Enough
Dino - Romeo (12" Mix)
Beware feat. Tony Scott - Pick Up The Pieces (Dub)
Marcia Griffith - Electric Boogie
Double Jam - Bacardi Feeling (Cuba Liebre Groove Mix)
The Soup Dragons - I'm Free (12" Version)
Candy Flip - This Can Be Real (1991 Remix)
Wip - Dreams
Mc Brian - Only The Lonely (Club Mix)
Jamtronik - Yesterday Once More (Rap Mix)
Floor - Unchained Melody (Power Mix)
Peace Train - Love Will Never Ever Die (World Mix)
Chariff - I Love Your Smile (Happines Remix)
Sissy Taylor - Woman In Love (Soul Version)
2u - Take My Breath Away (Club Version)
JT & The Big Family - Foreign Affair (Beats Mix)
Jam Jam - Don’t Look Any Further (Club Mix)
DJ's Gang - I Like Chopin (1991 New Version)
Cusato - The Captain Of Her Heart (Groove Mix)
Kid Rock - Back From The Dead (Extended Mix)
Two To One - 2 To 1 (Vocal Version)
Kirk Smith - Rise & Shine (Quick Dance Mix)
Hype A Delics - Groove To Get Down (Quickmix)
Koffi, Trev & Wins - Love Is A Firework (T. Thomas Mix)
Forrest - Rock The Boat (Funky Break Down Mix)
Roy The Boy - Ring My Bell (Club Mix)
Black Memory feat. Roc Da Mic - Der Kommissar (Club Mix)