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Bad Boy Joe - Best of Freestyle Megamix 3

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Crew / DJ / Label: Bad Boy Joe Year: 2003
CD: 2 Playtime: 144:47
CD 1 Oldschool:
Best Of Freestyle (Radio Edit)
George LaMond - Without You
Stevie B. - Dreaming Of Love
Judy Torres - Love You Will You Love Me
Tonasia - Wondering
Laissez Faire - In Paradise
Eileen Flores - Touch Me with Your Heart
Johnny 0. - Highways Of Love
Arlene - Tender Heart
TKA - Louder Than Love
Stevie B. - Party Your Body
Cynthia - Love Me Tonight
Nyasia - Who's Got Your Love?
Laura Enea - This Is The Last Time
Rare Arts - Boriqua Posse
Two Without Hats - The Breeze
Two Without Hats - Try Yaz (Esa Loca)
Afrika Bambaataa/Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock
No Artist - BadBoyJoe.com Commercial

CD 2 Newschool:
New Generation (Radio Edit)
Luie Lowe - Don't Tum Away
Ashley - When, It Gonna End
Synthia Figueroa - Touch Me
Aby - Sometimes
Rafael Ramos - You Make Me Want To Cry
Willie Valentin - In My Heart
Nina Martinez - Gimme Just 1 Night
Tony Moran - On The Edge
Luis Damon - Time &Time Again
301 East - Latin Love 2k1
Phillip Anthony - All Out Of Love
Alvendia - Daydreaming
David Mykl - Why Can't We Be?
Malyssa - Reminisce
Synthia Figueroa - Dreaming
Jenae - Loving You from A Distance
Zoe - This Isn't Love Anymore
Greg Elysea - Let, Get It On
Nick Colon - Careless
Nu Image - Tears In My Eyes
No Artist - The Ultimate House Megamix Commercial
No Artist - The Best Of Freestyle Megamix 1 & 2 Commercial
No Artist - The Oldschool Club House Megamix Commercial