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DJ Acedo & DJ Kino & Kalajan PC & DJ Sejo Cuenca - The Best Of Bruja Records

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Crew / DJ / Label: DJ Acedo Year: 2014
CD: 1 Playtime: 181:36
Session Mixed By DJ Kino:
Sensity World - The World Won't Stop (Dance Version)
Televission - Techno Vision
Lovelife - Hold Me (The Casio Brothers Mix)
X.R.X - The Fly
Talia - Feel It(Arriva Mix)
EX-3 - Extres-A-2
Chemistry - Emotions
Full Stop - House Of...
Traxx - Come Follow Me
Televission - Feel All Right
Jessy Lee Davis - Like A Flame
Central - Sistema Perverso
Double You - Dancing With An Angel
Pin-Ball 1 - Trans-Love
Javi Golo & Peke Albeza - Tears
La Orden Vol.1 - Revolution
Paul Parker - Can U Feel Love Coming
Frost - Poump session
Chumi DJ - If You Can't Give Me Love
Thoma House - Sound-P
New System - This Is The Night
Harrd Trax Vol.1 - Foot Up

Session Mixed By DJ Acedo:
Delirium - The Intro
Master Density - Give Me A Base
New York - Worldwine (B Mix)
Hed Boys - Girls & Boys (Dancing Divaz Mix)
Watchmaker - Base 4 Base
Industrial Action - Lets Move Those Feet
DJ Ali B.B. And The 140 B.P.M. - It's work (A-2 mix)
Lauren Liric - Requiem (Instrumental)
Alta Tension - Fm
J.D.P. - DJ Trip
Aldus Haza - I love you
Skandalo - Smushing And Drilling
DJ Peter - The Power Track
Central Rock - Bonus Overdrive
State Vol.01 - Techno Bits
DJ Augusto - Bonus Story
Universe - Uranium Base
Two Powers - Tinseltown In The Rain (Factory Team Remix)
Old School - It's Time For House (TechnoHouseCut)
Chasis Feat. Ricardo F. - Zen
Paul Van Dyk - Pump This Party (Party Mix)

Session Mixed By Kalajan PC:
Televission - Some Come In (Radio Edit)
Global Mission - Get It Right
Lalene - The Best
C.Y.B. - Now
Misjahroon - Shake Your Ass
Matrix'94 - Music Is Light (Arabian Version)
Klem - Che Me Va
Shuilem - Alfa
D.S.P. - Hoodoo Wanna
Dinosaurius - Bass Crack (Base)
Ramirez - Orgasmico (Ricci D.J. Rmx)
Dr. DJ Cerla - Rotterdam '93
Jinny - Feel The Rhythm (U.S.U.R.A. Club Mix)
Marasma - Virus
Happiness - Love
Personal Inc. - Repetition
Inside-Out - Keep On (Dancin Club)
Love Factory - Get Up Now

Session Mixed By DJ Sejo Cuenca:
Kaos - Atmosphere
Quico M. - Billie Jean (Club Mix)
L & B Project - Dreams Of Energy (Websters Rave Energy Mix)
X Stress - I've Got The Feeling (Melody Mix)
Orange Blue - If You Wanna Be (My Only) (Happy Vocal Mix)
Amtrax - Thunder.Lfo
BPM System - All-Ways (On My Mind)
Spain Number One - Te Das Cuen
Julio Posadas - Calido (Total Mix)
Beat & Peter - Only For DJ's
Darksound - Jump (DJ Version)
Digital Base - El Sapo Peludo (Se Fue A Ver La Ranita Mix)
DJ Sylvan - Guitar Spell (Mix Two)
Pin-Occhio - Pin-occhio (Fiaba Mix)
R.P.Z. - Runnin' (Coropianpiancoropian!) (Tara Para Club Mix)